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Tariff plan 2019

The Carp Pit is a unique and quiet piece of nature in the Krimpenerwaard with a historical link to being an old ice skating rink with a small stone house.

The start tariff for two fishers, two weekend nights with the house is
€ 230,00. From this start tariff, additional fishers or guests can be added per night.

Carp fishing

Mo-Fr (midweek) 2 pers, 4 nights w/ house
€ 280,00
Fr-Su (short weekend) 2 pers, 2 nights w/ house
€ 230,00
Fr-Mo (long weekend) 2 pers, 3 nights w/ house
€ 280,00
Extra fisher 1 pers, 1 night
€ 25,00
Guest, non fisher 1 pers, 1 night
€ 15,00
Electric motor for the boat
€ 30,00
During the Summer Holidays an additional holiday tariff is charged!

Parking and boat service

You can park your car and unload your gear at the Skeeler / Ice skating rink at the end of the Sportlaan. You will continue your journey by boat to the Carp Pit. We will bring you with an original South Holland canal boat.
All prices are including 21% VAT
Cash only


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