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New carps from 2013

In january 2013 we added 11 more new carps to the pit.
Beautifull mirror carps from Valkenswaard, sponsored by Jan Willem and Arend.
Alle carps have been weight and measured. Growth is generally good, so we are curious how these 11 carps will look like, within some years. Therefore we ask anyone to make pictures of the carps to monitor the progress.

50cm - 4000gr

48,5cm - 3500gr

51cm - 3600gr

45cm - 2000gr

52cm - 4000gr

38,5cm - 1400gr

51cm - 3500gr

50cm - 3000gr

51,5cm - 3300gr

48,5cm - 3200gr

50,5gr - 2700gr